Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jen = College Graduate

Today I woke up as a college graduate (!). At the young age of 27, I beat my goal to graduate before the age of 30 by 3 years. HA! If you would have asked me a few years back if I would ever buckle down and complete this goal, I would have quickly responded, "no way! I was destined to travel the world as a free soul." Sure it has taken me 9 years to finish, and often I refer to myself as a "late bloomer" and a "really smart student." But being true to myself, I didn't take the traditional path. In these 9 years, I have traveled and experienced 9 countries, ran and finished 5 marathons, feel in and out of love, made great friendships, climbed four 14ers (Colorado's highest mountain peaks), managed a great team of people, learned how to snowboard, revived my creative soul with bed and breakfast stays in Taos, NM, became a homeowner, became a landlord, moved cross country in complete fear, took on learning Spanish as a second language, transformed a Fair Trade organization, started a woman's clothing line, and inspired myself to change the world. Never again will I call myself a "late bloomer." My soul is a continuous blossom that grows more beautiful with each experience.

To answer the pending question that many have been throwing my way, "how does it feel to be a college graduate?" This is such an interesting question... and perhaps my answer may not make sense to all. My answer: "Graduating school feels like I am entering a mud wrestling match." Here is why...

DISCLAIMER: I have never competitively mud wrestled, this is my description of how I would imagine it would be like. I am however, a credited source as I have jumped around in a few mud puddles throughout the years.

GRADUATING, by Jen Moran.

After 9 years of schooling, today I woke up a new woman. In fact, I actually feel a little taller (does college make you slouch?). Graduation to me is like entering a competitive mud wrestling tournament. My fighting name is Jen, the Hen and I am chosen to go up against Lizzy, the Leopard. I show up to the match in my head-to-toe leotard not knowing what to expect, feeling a little uncomfortable but happy with my color choice of green (it brings out the color in my eyes, they will be sure to wow the crowd). I enter the ring. Lizzy is just beautiful, with a breathtaking costume. The crowd is in the palm of her hand. She struts, the crowd goes wild... My turn. I feel so awkward but decide to do an unchoreographed cabbage patch and end with my arms thrown in the air and loud, "grrr..." The crowd silences, shrugs their shoulders, but seems to accept my entry with a cheer. Ding! The match begins! "Uh, oh," I think as I look into this dark whole of uncertain consistency. "Is this mud soft? hard? will I hurt myself? Will Lizzy hurt me? Will I like mud wrestling? Will I win?" I wink to the crowd and jump in.
So how does this relate to COLLEGE GRADUATION? It relates in so many ways... Though I have started my own company while in school, often times I have used school as a security blanket, a safe place. At 27 I have finally embraced my awkwardness, realizing that sometimes the best way to break the tension or anxiety of a situation is to just be me and go ahead and throw a cabbage patch in there every now and again. I may not be as polished as my competition, or know the right moves all the time... but my authentic self and willingness to "jump right in" and have no fear will continue to propel me forward. I am not certain of what lies ahead... if my journey will be soft... hard... have my feelings hurt... hurt other's feelings... or if I will win. I do know that I will be successful.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

GREENOLA Website coming SOON!!!!

I can't even tell you HOW INCREDIBLY EXCITED we are to launch our new site. We have been working on this for some time now (web-design is apparently not my calling). With the help of design team, we are creating something REALLY special.

Let me give you a taste of what is in store!!