Monday, May 25, 2009

Providence College in Rhode Island Declared Sweat Free!!

We are so excited to have connected with the inspirational students of Providence College. With all their efforts they have been able to turn their college into a SWEAT FREE campus. YAY!! CONGRATS!!

Providence student Jamie Doherty helped lead the campaign. She writes,

"Our Sweat Free campaign group has been working for a year and half to get the bookstore to go sweat free by joining the WRC. Last year the focus was on educating the student body by showing a documentary and creating posters around campus. We held a boycott of the bookstore, attained the support of the faculty senate and finally got a meeting with the President just a month ago. He agreed to join the WRC and has begun the process of writing a
code of conduct for the school. Our goal now is to celebrate this victory and inform the student body of what we have achieved."

AWESOME!! Solidarity Clothing is proud to have contributed to Providence College's successful event.

"Our event was very successful. It went better than we even expected. It was a very hot day and we held it on the quad so all the kids were outside anyways and came over to tye dye. We sold out all the tee sweat free tee shirts we ordered, and everyone had a blast tye dying. More people kept coming up after we ran out! We had probably 250 people come by throughout the day. We had a speaker from United Students Against Sweatshops speak for about 20 minutes. I can't remember her name off the top of my head, but she gave a brief overview of sweatshops and the work they do. We had also been working to have clubs and organizations around campus sign pledges to purchase only sweat free tee shirts, (as the college's pledge is only for the bookstore) So far we have successfully gained about ten pledges from different clubs and hope to continue with that next year. At the event we raffled off all the donations we received as well as some gift certificates we purchased and everyone was so grateful and excited. It was a very exciting day. :)We were also concurrently advertising for an event we had a few days later- a woman named Norma touring colleges to talk about her experiences working at a a sweatshop in Honduras. She worked for Jerzees de Honduras, which is a factory owned by Russell Athletic. Russell recently closed Jerzees de Honduras in violation of university codes of conduct in an effort to destroy the union that the workers organized. Norma and others are touring universities to spread awareness of the issues and of Russell's practices. Her speech was incredibly moving and we had a very good turnout for that event as well. Overall it was incredibly successful and we're happy to finally be a sweat free campus.Thank you for your donations and your interest!"

Thank you Jamie and all the other students at Providence College for creating positive change in the world!